topic of the hour: love.

i’ll kiss your forehead and rid the fever that you’ve had for me. rub your shoulders, smooth out the chip that past love affairs have formed. hold your calloused hands that prayed to god every night, wishing for something worthwhile. 


lets breathe in salty air. taste the bittersweet feeling of love. no knowing if it will last. 


love and hate are two pages from the same book. two thorns from the same stem. two strangers with the same destination. 


i want to hear your voice and crawl inside it. wrapped up like a newborn baby trying to remember the womb. a soldiers safe haven during war. 


let me mesmerize you with the sound of my beating heart.
the intentionally unintentional brush of your arm as i reach past you.
let me mesmerize you through your forest of hair that smells of pine and mint, and gets tangled like grandmas delicate necklaces that i was never allowed to play dress up with when i was testing out how woman enough i could be for you someday. let me mesmerize you with my walk.
i’m going to allow you to hold the door open for me so you have no option but to look at my every curve as i strut on by.
each and every curve.
let me mesmerize you with my breath that you graciously take away from me.
your kisses that breathes life into me, in a way that makes me feel like i’ve been reborn through the gates of your love language te amo.
let me mesmerize you until you love me.


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