el mundo.

this world can be pretty dark sometimes.
the only light captured is the sun when i’m chasing after mirages in a desert.
a priest getting drunk from communion makes me love religion
but when it’s time for confession…
i don’t confess.
i paint with frayed brushes
and smoke with half used cigarettes.
the darkness won’t allow seeds to grow
and the bitterness won’t harvest any fruits.
my mama always said that the sun is always shining above the clouds
but i’m too poor to take flight above them
and this icy ground won’t let me walk faithfully.
trust is a word i could never pronounce correctly,
i always got it mixed up with ‘trial’ and ‘lust’.
it’s a shame i never figured it out,
or maybe it’s Gods way of saying that
‘time’ and ‘adjust’ are two words i gotta be better versed of.
the ticking of the clock haunts me daily
and time won’t stop for a smile.
trust is an exotic dream that i can’t remember when i awake
and these walls stare at me so empty
as if they want to be adorned.


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