the forbidden fruit.

there’s fluttering electricity pulsing in the space between nearing mouths about to kiss.
that’s not all that’s pulsing.
sin so delicious the angels want to taste it.
i love all your scars, i’ll kiss every one.
it’s what makes you
let me kiss the ones i can’t see.
you are the spark that ignited my pulse.
show me yours, i’ll show you mine.
you look at my body as if this is ninth grade geometry class all over again.
stars touching my window
and your tongue doing funny things.
can you feel the pulsing?
i only kiss after the clock strikes midnight
but my mind is always in another timezone anyways.
your fingers buried deep as if you are searching the four corners of the earth for a lost memory of my warmth.
ohhh, the pulsing.
the only thing separating you and i are the vibrations of intricate noises and breaths of used air that we happily share.
butterflies take over my being as i fly to mount olympus, el dorado, atlantis, the garden of eden.
thank god for the forbidden fruit.


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