the rain reminds me of you,
and of us,
and how we didn’t mind.
and if we could wear our heart on our sleeves, you would need a really big sleeve.
the heart sets the beat for the mind and soul to dance.
i want you to talk for hours until i’m as silent as the stars
and in the twinkling of your eyes, i see a man i want to give my heart freely.
a voice so gentle, angels come to you for worship.
and your breath on my neck sent a spell throughout my body
as i composed myself like a wild symphony.
i believe in declarative passion roared in the rain
and i believe in mad desire under the brazen sunrise.
did you know that there is a line in your skin from smiling, which is an actual replica of heaven’s horizon?
in the middle of the night i hope you’re dreaming of something nice.
kiss me forever in all kinds of weather.
i hope to someday be the reason for you to fill a blank canvas with everything you’ve ever felt.
you said “i wonder how many times we’ve kissed by now”
and i remember thinking
“i want to kiss you until the waves stop kissing the shoreline”
forevermore, a sunset will remind me of your smile.
bliss is sitting under a maple tree and reading to you at leisure.
and you were just sitting there talking,
and it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

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