maps are cool.


i really enjoy looking at maps. it’s truly remarkable that the 3,000 x 2,000 miles of this confined arrangement filled with lies such as “we are a democracy”, has over 319 million people living in it. that’s a hell of a lot of people. i always plan fake roadtrips in my head while looking at maps, leaving from florida to seattle and intentionally driving around the boundaries of mississippi, because what kind of northern black girl wants to drive through mississippi? and i also love to think about how every road is somehow connected. i could leave this road that i live on, juniper blossom drive in tampa, fl, and end up in san jose, california with only a few twists and turns. for that matter, i could end up in san jose, costa rica, or san jose, argentina! there are so many san jose’s to visit! and all by taking the roads that are connected. and maps so clearly and eloquently show how nothing is infinite. one of my favorite maps is one of africa from the late 1950s. the map looks like a puzzle of déjà vu’s, you look at it and it strikes a resemblance of what you think to be correct, when in reality, colonialism never ceases to fail us as borders are constantly changing (colonizing minds and lands since the 15th century baby! – side-eye). i also have another map, it’s in my top 3 favorites. it is a map of the lighthouses of the great lakes. it’s from 1990 and is more art than anything. my best friend gave it to me before i moved down to florida. it’s a beaut.

anyway, i don’t have much else to say. i’m writing this to let you know that maps are cool. and you should look at one and appreciate it in all its beauty.


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