the finest man.

we lie in your bed
with nothing but linen
and the exposed embodiment
of beauty and pleasure.
i roll over on my side
and my breasts gently fall onto your body,
stroking your desire
and craving for devotion.
you don’t look at me and i don’t look at you.
we breathe.
and i collect all your breaths
in the depths of my existence.


the kindest one.

an unopened bottle of champagne sits on the floor near my bedroom door.
we lie in bed weak from martinis and whiskey
and he reaches over and says “good morning sweetheart”.
my succulent plants can no longer face the cold temps of my winter new york bedroom
and my once white rug is now a grey blur.
his beard tickles my neck as i listen to my neighbor’s heels clap on the floor above.
for a split second i can see clouds surround our bodies.
gravity is a lost concept and i’ve never felt so high and so sober in one moment.
i am being held by the kindest man known to mankind,
and in this hour i’m not fretting about when i will see him next
or if he likes me back.
rather, my mind is serene and my body is still
and all of me feels pleasant.



the rain reminds me of you,
and of us,
and how we didn’t mind.
and if we could wear our heart on our sleeves, you would need a really big sleeve.
the heart sets the beat for the mind and soul to dance.
i want you to talk for hours until i’m as silent as the stars
and in the twinkling of your eyes, i see a man i want to give my heart freely.
a voice so gentle, angels come to you for worship.
and your breath on my neck sent a spell throughout my body
as i composed myself like a wild symphony.
i believe in declarative passion roared in the rain
and i believe in mad desire under the brazen sunrise.
did you know that there is a line in your skin from smiling, which is an actual replica of heaven’s horizon?
in the middle of the night i hope you’re dreaming of something nice.
kiss me forever in all kinds of weather.
i hope to someday be the reason for you to fill a blank canvas with everything you’ve ever felt.
you said “i wonder how many times we’ve kissed by now”
and i remember thinking
“i want to kiss you until the waves stop kissing the shoreline”
forevermore, a sunset will remind me of your smile.
bliss is sitting under a maple tree and reading to you at leisure.
and you were just sitting there talking,
and it was the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen.

the forbidden fruit.

there’s fluttering electricity pulsing in the space between nearing mouths about to kiss.
that’s not all that’s pulsing.
sin so delicious the angels want to taste it.
i love all your scars, i’ll kiss every one.
it’s what makes you
let me kiss the ones i can’t see.
you are the spark that ignited my pulse.
show me yours, i’ll show you mine.
you look at my body as if this is ninth grade geometry class all over again.
stars touching my window
and your tongue doing funny things.
can you feel the pulsing?
i only kiss after the clock strikes midnight
but my mind is always in another timezone anyways.
your fingers buried deep as if you are searching the four corners of the earth for a lost memory of my warmth.
ohhh, the pulsing.
the only thing separating you and i are the vibrations of intricate noises and breaths of used air that we happily share.
butterflies take over my being as i fly to mount olympus, el dorado, atlantis, the garden of eden.
thank god for the forbidden fruit.